Why Snapchat is the best social network for Businesses?

News 06:11 November 2019:

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If your business’s target market is the millennials, then you might be in for massive success if you make the best of snapchat. Just imagine that more than 70% of all college students in the US use the app, and more than half of them actually use the app on a daily basis. In addition, the social network has a demographic of almost three quarters women, which would make your female oriented products even more successful.

So, if you have an interest in pushing your brand to the young people, join snapchat today. It only takes a few minutes to create a handle for your business, and learning how it works could be as easy as hiring a few college students. The app allows you to make short videos describing or advertising your business, advertise your account on other social networks and most importantly keep marketing your brand through info graphics. And just to give you some motivation about snapchat followers and your business, about 70% of many young people on snapchat have admitted that they are more willing to purchasing anything promoted on snapchat than in most other networks.

It is easy and less complicated than creating a video snap. You just open a conversation with the follower you intend to send the note to. Once in the chat, press and hold the video camera button. Choose the appropriate camera depending on the kind of note you intend to pass across. Video notes, however, use the forward-facing camera. The duration is still capped at 10 seconds and will send automatically, or if you release the button before the time elapse. If not satisfied with the video note, drag and tap on the “X” on your screen and release. Be contended with the video note you are posting before releasing the button to your Snapchat followers because you can’t undo it once sent.f1

Setting Time Limits For Your Snapchat Followers

With time limits attached to content posted on Snapchat, it is upon you to determine if photos and videos will be ideal to engage your Snapchat followers. It is, therefore, important to know how to utilize this limits to your advantage and get as many followers as possible. To record a video or photo snap, you got only a maximum of 10 seconds to pass your message across. Even if you send your snaps to your, it can be viewed for 24 hours, but each view will be capped at 10 seconds. The platform may accept videos posted over 10 seconds but be assured that once your followers play them, they will only run up to the 10-second mark and disappear.


It is important to ensure key elements of your posted content fit in the time limit to prevent leaving your Snapchat followers hanging from an incomplete post. Since the post disappears once viewed, consider adding it to your story to make it available for multiple views in a period of 24 hours. Keep your engagements going in the set timelines.

How Your Snapchat Followers Can Replay On Snapchat.

Thanks to the new version of Snapchat because your Snapchat followers can now replay each snap unlike before when it disappeared on the elapse of 10 seconds. To activate this replay feature, your followers need to update to version to allow you perform this action on each snap you receive once. Not to forget, the replay option was available for sale before this new version. The new version is free and only calls for you to update and enjoy the new experience on this social media platform.f2

Before using the replay feature, you have first to view the snap you have received. Tap on it to begin viewing. If you have many unseen photos, consider playing them back to back and using this new feature replay all of them again. You can only replay the snap while inbox so don’t just exit yet. You won’t be able to replay them once you leave the inbox. After the regular viewing, an icon pops up asking you to tap and view again. It is that simple. Your Snapchat followers now can see your content over and over.