Twitter Secrets Unveiled- Why your followers should guide what you tweet

News 10:10 October 2019:

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As someone once said, it is never about you on twitter. Hardly do you get any free likes or retweets for posting about yourself, but for caring to share what your followers want to see. The same case applies to real businesses and real life situation. Having a passion, a great twitter handle or nice profile won’t get you a lot of success. Being passionate alone can’t also get you any followers or sales. Instead, finding what pains people and resolving to relieve their pain is what actually pays.

Even when you are not after marketing or promoting something on social networks, knowing what makes your twitter followers happy, what inspires them and what troubles you can resolve could be the difference between you getting a thousand free likes or not getting any at all. Therefore, there are very few scenarios where tweeting about you and your lifestyle may have a great impact on your twitter success. In most cases you have to put your followers’ interests before your own.