Choosing The Best Timing To Get Many Instagram Likes

News 06:11 November 2019:

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If you are attracting few Instagram likes even on your recent best posts; then you may be posting at the wrong time. The timing you choose to post is crucial if you need to generate some traffic your way. Even if you post the most fantastic photos and videos at midnight, there are slim chances to get likes. In the morning, your post will be sent down the timeline that no one will be interested in scrolling down and checking it. Consider posting at the following times of the day;

At midday; this is when those working takes a break on a busy day and are surfing the internet. Posting early in the morning is not effective as people are commuting to their work and won’t have time to notice whatever you are posting. After dinner is ideal as people relax at home with their families as they watch their favorite programmes on television. You are guaranteed of few to no Instagram likes if you are posting on weekend nights as your followers have events to attend to rather than seeing your photos.