Avoiding Twitter Likes Scams

The use of the internet to conduct business also means that we are prone to getting scammed into losing our money. The fact that we do not get to physically meet the scammer or even have a proper one on one conversation with them helps them with their scam. One could also get scammed when buying twitter likes. You pay for the package but it never gets delivered. It is thus necessary to be informed on the subject.

One concern should be a service provider with no web presence. They should have a website where people can leave comments of how useful they found the twitter likes. You can look at the links they leave in the comments sections for other users. If they do not work, they are most likely scams. You could also check on their history. You can ask them for the information before payments are made. A long history of providing the service is a good sign. If they willingly give information about people that used their service then their confidentiality may be compromised and this is not a good sign.

How Else Can I Use Twitter Likes?

It used to be “Favorite” on twitter where you click on the star whenever you see a tweet you like. This has been replaced with twitter likes where the icon is a heart. Other than to show that you like a person’s tweet, there are other uses for twitter likes. How else can you use likes?

  • Bookmark your tweets – If you see a tweet with a link that interest you but don’t have time read it yet, you can click on the heart to bookmark it. It will be stored under “Likes” tab on your profile page
  • Get more followers – Just like Facebook has pokes, twitter users use likes to get the attention of someone. Place enough likes on a user’s tweets, he or she will bound to visit your profile and if they like what they see, they might follow you
  • Passive aggressive gesture – Cyber wars is nothing new these days. You find yourself arguing with a complete stranger online. Liking their tweets is a passive aggressive way to show that their words don’t affect you


Sell Your DIY Products By Getting Twitter Likes

The ease of Internet has opened up many opportunities for artists and crafters to sell their work online. Due to this, do you know that you can sell your DIY products by getting twitter likes?

After you open up a twitter account, you can start to advertise your DIY products by posting photos of your product on twitter. You can also link your twitter to your online shop such as Etsy or eBay. When other twitter users see your product, they’ll be directed to your site to purchase your products.

Every once in a while, you can have promotional campaigns where your followers need to place twitter likes on the items they like to get discount or rebates. You can post this as and when you need to promote new products, or you can choose a specific day for discounts. Free Friday or Saturday Sale are good start to draw in more customers.

You have to put in effort and time on social media if you want expand your target market as well as attract bigger crowd to your business.


Popular Hash tags to help you get more Teen Followers

Are you a teen counselor? Do you love interacting with young people but don’t know how you can find   them on twitter? Here are four hash tags and topics can always be found talking about on twitter. #I hate school- it is one of the most popular hash tags among teens and college goers. Of course the hash tag is more popular among teens that dislike school, but it does sometimes overtake other popular hash tags likes #wcw or #tbt. On the other hand, teens who love getting twitter likes and followers will always go with hash tags like #likeforlike or #followme.

All in all, it is not difficult to identify teen twitter users especially if you already know the types of teens you want to engage with the most. If you are looking for depraved and depressed teens for instance, using hash tags like #help me, #selfharm or #self-hate could lead you to the right group. Take note however that you need to be friendly and honest if you wish to attract many of them.

Want more followers – all the answers lie in your hand. Make use of it now

As you might have realised, social platforms continue to rise every single day and so do followers.  One important thing you will note that these platforms are competing for the same followers.  It is therefore easier to find a company or an individual of more than four platforms.  Sharing information on such platforms sometimes becomes a little difficult as users flip from one platform to another.  But in essence, what is the joy of being on the social media?  Free followers – you will agree with me.

Followers give you an audience among other users not only on the same platform but other platforms too.  But do you know you can use the chance to reach others on the other platforms by how creative you are.  If you want to increase your free followers a lot will depend on how you represent your business.  Give your followers freebies by advising them to log into your other platform.  Through such, before you know it, you will have increased your number of followers.  This in essence, is your only chance to increase your media presences amongst followers.

How Hash tags could help you grow your Following or make People Unfollow you

Hash tags help spread a tweet quickly, which is what makes their use very helpful at attracting more free followers and likes. There are very many types of hash tags however, some of which could make you attract thousands of followers in a day and some which could make you lose them all. But it all depends on the message you use alongside the hash tags. For instance, using a trendy hash tag to console people who have recently been affected by a terror attack could make you get more followers even when it was not your main objective.

On the other hand, you can easily lose many of your free followers by simply posting an insensitive or unrelated message alongside a hash tag meant to console victims of a natural disaster. In the end therefore, the message you send out there must always match the hash tag you use. Know what hash tags to use while sharing jokes, or promoting your product as well.

Twitter Secrets Unveiled- Why your followers should guide what you tweet

As someone once said, it is never about you on twitter. Hardly do you get any free likes or retweets for posting about yourself, but for caring to share what your followers want to see. The same case applies to real businesses and real life situation. Having a passion, a great twitter handle or nice profile won’t get you a lot of success. Being passionate alone can’t also get you any followers or sales. Instead, finding what pains people and resolving to relieve their pain is what actually pays.

Even when you are not after marketing or promoting something on social networks, knowing what makes your twitter followers happy, what inspires them and what troubles you can resolve could be the difference between you getting a thousand free likes or not getting any at all. Therefore, there are very few scenarios where tweeting about you and your lifestyle may have a great impact on your twitter success. In most cases you have to put your followers’ interests before your own.

What is the Importance of Twitter Automatic Retweets?

Social media success has to do with 2 things– an excellent look and excellent content. While you can’t be helped with the words that you put in your tweets, your can get a huge increase in terms of increasing the retweet count. Having tweets with a high number of Automatic Retweets from genuineTwitter users can really flaunt your best possessions– you are dependable, trustworthy, and you have fascinating things to say.

There is a normal frame of mind for Twitter users that can be summarized in one expression: “Safety in numbers.”.

It is uncommon to find a Twitter user who actually wishes to be the first individual to retweet a tweet. It’s just when somebody sees that your tweet has Automatic retweets10s or numerous times that they can verify what they believed the whole time: your content deserves taking a look at, and it deserves sharing.

Once somebody sees that your tweet has been retweeted, then people will also retweet it themselves, thus promoting your brand to their twitter followers.

Do You Need Help For Your Twitter Retweet?

Admittedly, not all social media users are very much acquainted when it comes to various features in any social media platforms that we use. So, it is essential that we also make a research of what vital features are useful and how to use them.

What are Twitter Re-tweets?

This simply means re-posting a tweet. In Twitter, this specific feature greatly aids in helping users and others to instantly share that post or tweet with all of your current followers. In addition, this makes it possible for you to re-tweet your own tweets or the tweets of others that you also want to share.

Take note that at times some users  type “RT” at the start of a post or tweet as this merely indicates that they are re-posting other user’s post or content. Please be guided that this actually not considered an official feature or command in Twitter but essentially indicates that they are solely quoting someone’s tweets.

How can you distinguish Twitter Re-tweets?

RTs certainly look like normal tweets that come with username and name of the author next to it. What is more, they are distinguished through re-tweet icon as well as through the name of the user who have re-tweeted the content or post.

So, when you notice content from other user who you do not currently follow in your timeline, it is highly advised for you to search for “re-tweeted by” information in the tweet. In so doing, you will see if the retweeter is someone you follow.

Where do re-tweeted tweets by other users appear?

It is worth mentioning that re-tweets by other users are seen through:

  • Re-tweets such as regular tweets shall not appear from accounts that you’ve blocked.
  • You could see tweets users you follow have re-tweeted in your home timeline.

What about the tweets that other users have re-tweeted?

To see these, you need to go to the notifications tab. From there you will have the chance to see all activity about your tweets that consist of the ones that you have currently been re-tweeted and by whom.

What to do if you want to turn off re-tweets?

You could turn re-tweets off for a particular user if you do not want what he or she shares. All you need to do is to select “turn off re-tweets” from the gear icon that is found on the profile of the user and from there you will stop seeing the contents or posts they have re-tweeted.

Take into consideration that turning re-tweets off or on is not retroactive- this simply conveys that you could no longer get rid of the re-tweets which are already in your timeline. More than that, be reminded that it is impossible to turn off all re-tweets from all users.


What to do if you want to delete or undo your re-tweet?

It is possible to undo your re-tweet through merely clicking the highlighted RT icon in the post or content or tweet. Indeed, this will delete the RT from your timeline, but note that the original tweet won’t be deleted.

Are automatic favorites weighing you down? Read on…

Has it occurred to you that you do not really need any outside help to manage your automatic favorites?  Such likes if not controlled can be a great bother and might do you more harm than good.  I want to think this is the last thing you would think of when looking for favorites.  Favorites are found in most social media platforms that we use on a day to day basis.  Sometimes and because of reasons best known to you, it might not be necessary to keep such favorites and might want to remove someone or a list of group of people.

Removing such automatic favorites will depend on the media platform you are on.  Other social media platforms as you might have realized or will realize makes it impossible to remove such but others it is quite easy.  In fact you can do so through internet explorer.  A lot of information has been provided on how to remove such favorites if for one reason or another they are weighing your page down.   Ensure that you use the prompt key accordingly.

Four Considerations When Purchasing Automatic Favorite Subscriptions.

With many providers in the market currently ready to provide you with the automatic favorite, followers, and likes on social media, there are considerations to have, before the subscriptions, if you do not want disappointments. Everyone purchases the same for different reasons at any given time and may add value to their on-line platforms or in the worst cases cause more damage leading to account termination. Keep the following in mind when you opt to purchase the automatic favorite subscriptions to avoid being duped and getting disappointments.

The subscriptions are not real:

Even with the best providers in the market, any acquisition of the likes, favorites or followers cannot be real at any given time; even the tag of ‘active and real’ is just a false marketing strategy. The only right thing you can get is that your profile will be sold out to many with matching profiles with the hope that they will replicate back and favorite the content you are posting. It is important to understand that the favorite automation is not real hence if you are relying on them to come up with some statistics, you should be careful.

The pricing;

Different vendors have different prices set for various packages they offer. The basic packages are usually cheaper compared to the premium subscriptions. It is, therefore, important to shop around for the best vendors who will deliver to your expectations. Overpriced services do not necessarily translate to the best automatic favorite subscriptions. Take time to compare the best rates available in the market before settling for one. Get good suppliers that will deliver to your expectations at affordable rates because after all, you are after achieving crafted favorites anyway.

Engagements from other fake accounts;

Any purchased automation rides its success on fake profiles and followers. Such introductions are likely to lower your profile, especially when flagged by several social media administrators since it goes against their terms and regulations. Once such accounts are identified, they are scrapped off immediately, and that will lower your engagements in the eyes of your real followers. What image comes up when today you got thousands of favorites and the following day you getting less than a hundred? It is of great importance to keep topping up the numbers to ensure that the dropping rate does not affect the figures you intend to achieve on a daily basis. That implies that you have to set aside funds to purchase the same over and over since it is not a one-time thing.

Go for quality purchases;

Fake automation comes with costly repercussions to your account. Even if you are after getting good rates in the market, ensure that they are of quality to bypass mechanisms set by administrators so as to avoid being flagged and eventually losing your account after investing so much in the same. When putting together with the real engagements, you cannot identify the real and purchased ones. Go for an automation supplier that will help ensure quality is enhanced throughout, and your account goes undetected while you go on with your engagements.

How to effectively increase your presence on line

Have you ever considered the great effect digital reputation can have on you and your business generally in the 21st century?  A lot of people rarely do that.  Consider this; each time you are applying for a new job, do you know that employers always take time to find out what kind of media personality you are.  It plays a crucial part in dictating the kind of person you are and your interactions.  If you want to build your digital reputation, do not forget to increase your automatic likes.

How do you back the same up?  It is important that whatever you post is backed up.  If you post a photo or content, it is worthwhile to write a note or describe the event.  It will give people a wider perspective on you as a person and help you increase your following.  But if you are out to increase you popularity to higher levels, then consider investing in automatic likes, you will be glad you did.    Such services will come with great benefits but above all keep you updated on social media platforms.

The automatic likes feature allows users to promote media use on the social media platform.  What kind of a user are you?  How you use your media platform will go a long way in dictating your media practice.  The likes feature on most of the social media platform allows users who have less time on their hands to schedule likes each time a content, or a photo is posted.  The social media platform is growing and if you care to check, is one of the largest growing industries in the 21st century.  This is something we cannot dispute at any given forum.

Each single hour of the day, there are new users on one platform or another.  Social media platform users crave for likes and would go that extra mile to gain the same.  It becomes quite embarrassing if a photo or content receives no likes at all.  This in essence is not what the social media platform is about.  How do you increase your likes and get a media presence amongst the large number of people on the platform every single day.  You will realise that for you to increase your likes you have to be on the platform which with the current kind of lifestyle is not possible.

People are busy and rarely spend time liking photos and content on the media platform.  But this is no reason not to receive likes, you can still benefit by subscribing to automatic likes feature.  There are two ways about it, there are free in built features that will allow you to increase your likes.  The second allows you to subscribe for an agreed amount to increase your likes automatically.  The good thing with the likes feature is that each time a photo is shared or content posted, you receive likes automatically.

Where you receive the same also matters greatly.  It is important that you source the same from a provider that provides generic likes and not ones that will over-crowd your account.  The subscribed likes should not come in at once but should flow around the whole day without raising eyes brows.  An increase in likes will give you one thing in particular, a higher ranking which a lot of people really want on the social media platform.  As many users will tell you, it is difficult to build a following on any platform, and if you are not sure might give up along the way, but this should not be the case.

Every one of us once in a while needs a kick start on the social media platform and this is what you get from the automatic likes feature.  What are the benefits that users of this feature enjoy?  Firstly, they don’t struggle at all to have online exposure, it is done for them.  Secondly, the services are fast, genuine and affordable.  Thirdly, it allows them enough time to attend to other important duties without having to spend a lot of time on their social medial platforms by helping them increase their following.  You too can enjoy the same.

Choosing The Best Timing To Get Many Instagram Likes

If you are attracting few Instagram likes even on your recent best posts; then you may be posting at the wrong time. The timing you choose to post is crucial if you need to generate some traffic your way. Even if you post the most fantastic photos and videos at midnight, there are slim chances to get likes. In the morning, your post will be sent down the timeline that no one will be interested in scrolling down and checking it. Consider posting at the following times of the day;

At midday; this is when those working takes a break on a busy day and are surfing the internet. Posting early in the morning is not effective as people are commuting to their work and won’t have time to notice whatever you are posting. After dinner is ideal as people relax at home with their families as they watch their favorite programmes on television. You are guaranteed of few to no Instagram likes if you are posting on weekend nights as your followers have events to attend to rather than seeing your photos.